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Heather & Noal
January 30, 2023
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Blake and Crystal
October 25, 2022

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We promise that if we are chosen as your child’s adoptive parents, we will love them fully, whole-heartily, and without condition. We will choose every day to support their dreams and provide a safe place for them to grow. We wish you calm and peace as you sort through the profiles to make a tough decision on who is right to raise your child with such limited information. We hope that we might be that family, but more than that we hope that your child grows up in the place that is right for them.

Who We Are

We always work as a team to find the best solution. On a recent trip, we found that a GPS can tell you there is a road, but it doesn’t always tell you how wide the road is. As we drove up the mountain to a small village, the roads narrowed as our nervousness grew. In our final turns to our AirBnB, we found ourselves in a full parking lot with the only way out being forward down an even more narrow “alley” that looked like a sidewalk with steep building walls on each side. With no locals to ask for help, we powered forward until our little Ford Fiesta wedged between the two walls. Daryl got more embarrassed and frustrated while Melanie laughed harder and harder. Eventually, Daryl laughed, we calmed down, pulled in the side mirrors, and Melanie shimmied out of the hatchback to guide Daryl through the alley. Life always gives hiccups along the way, but you get through them and grow closer together with the right support. This has been a motto that we try to live day in and day out.

We are adventurous. Our typical weekend likely has us exploring free events in our local city or neighborhood. Recently, we visited a free local event at a nearby museum. We got to relax, listen to music in the park, learn about pre-WWII vehicles, and enjoy other works of art. Each car had a description about its history. We were surprised to read that there was a car factory in the county near us that built one of the models we saw. Since we watch some shows that take place pre-WWII such as Bridgerton, it was cool to see them up close. Your child will enjoy exploring and learning about the world around them.

Our Promise

Thank you for considering us to be a part of this journey with you. We can’t pretend to know all the feelings you must be feeling, but we can promise that you will always have a big place in our hearts. We will always think of you with respect and admiration as we believe you are showing great bravery and courage in considering adoption for your child. The opportunity to be part of your child’s family is the greatest gift we could ever receive. We look forward to maintaining contact with you, so you can see your baby’s growth over the years. We hope that you get a small glimpse of who we are in this booklet and thank you again for considering us

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