At Florida Adoption Lawyers, we have experience and we care. If you need to give your baby up for adoption or looking to adopt a child, we can help. Juliana Gaita is double board-certified in Law and has been practicing adoption for years. It’s our calling and we hope to hear from you.

Providing Legal Services for Mothers During the Adoption Process

Adoption can be a difficult choice, though it can be beneficial for everyone involved in many situations. You can give the gift of love to parents who want a baby while knowing your baby will be properly cared for by the adoptive family you choose. If you are considering adoption, call an adoption lawyer in Florida about our services and feel free to read our question and answer section for birth mothers.

We also help families adopt children

In many ways, we can be a matchmaking service. If you are looking to adopt a child, you can enroll in our waiting families list and start the journey towards adopting a child today.

Choosing an Adoptive Family

One of the most important goals of a birth mother is to make sure her baby grows up with the right family. We can connect you with profiles of pre-screened prospective parents, which include the type of adoption the parents are open to. There are many factors to consider when choosing adoptive parents, including the type of care you believe they will provide and whether you want to maintain a certain level of contact with your child.

Financial Support

To ensure you have a healthy pregnancy and move forward post-adoption in the best possible manner, it is important that you receive the financial support and services you need during the adoption process. You might qualify for assistance with the following and more:

  • Medical and prenatal care
  • Housing
  • Food and clothing
  • Transportation
  • Legal costs
  • Counseling


Legal Representation and Advice For Adoption

We can help you review all of your options for adoption and determine which type of adoption is right for you and your baby. We help create your personalized adoption plan, and we work to make that plan a reality. We handle the entire legal process so that your adoption can go as smoothly as possible.


Need an Adoption Lawyer?

Adoption is best when Juliana is involved. Contact us today to learn more!

Learn How an Adoption Lawyer in Florida Can Help

While adoption is a legal process, it is also an emotional one. Florida adoption firm Juliana Gaita, P.A., is ready to help and provide support every step of the way. Contact our office to discuss your options today.

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