Standing Up for Foster Parents Facing Obstacles to Adoption

Boca Raton foster parents provide essential support to children in need, and becoming a foster parenting is often the first step to permanent adoption. Unfortunately, in some instances, a well-matched foster situation is threatened by the sudden emergence of a foster child’s biological relative attempting to assert his or her rights. In this situation, the law might be on your side as foster parents, and you should contact the law office of Juliana Gaita, P.A., for help protecting your rights.

Florida Foster Parent Rights

Many foster relationships develop into a close bond, and foster parents may decide they want to permanently care for the child. If the child’s parents have their rights terminated, foster parents may jump at the chance to apply for adoption. However, in many situations, a relative or another adult may try to take custody of the child away from the foster parents.

Florida Foster Parent laws

Florida law does not discount the dedication of foster parents and their desire to adopt foster children. In some circumstances, foster parents can fight to have a child removed from their home, even if a relative is requesting custody. You might have important rights to keep caring for a child if:

  • You have applied to adopt the child
  • The child has lived in your home for at least six months

If you would like a professional to evaluate your rights and options when it comes to your foster child, contact our office directly today.

Learn How an Adoption Lawyer in Boca Raton Can Help You Become An Adoptive Foster Parent

The law firm of Juliana Gaita, P.A., protects the rights of foster parents seeking to adopt. We can help you address many obstacles that might arise, so please contact us to discuss the many ways we can assist in this situation.

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