Helping Clients Navigate the Process of Adopting a Stepchild or Relative

Situations arise when a stepparent or another relative wish to legally adopt a child. Such adoption gives the relative all of the parental rights and responsibilities under Florida law, as well as effectively terminates the rights and responsibilities of the biological parent or parents. This process is different than other types of adoption, and you should always seek help from a relative and stepparent adoption Florida Lawyer.

Stepparent Adoption Florida

As much as a stepparent may care for a love a stepchild, they have no legal parental rights. If the child’s biological parent outside the marriage is largely absent, it is common for a stepparent to formally adopt a stepchild. This requires obtaining consent from the biological parent to give up their rights or requesting that the court terminates the parent’s rights before the adoption can be finalized. You should have a lawyer on your side who knows the requirements for a stepparent adoption and who can inform you of your options during the process.

Relative Adoption

Adoption procedures in Florida are different when the adoptive parent is a grandparent, sibling, aunt, or uncle. If a child is not receiving proper care from their biological parents, the rights of the parents may be terminated. In this situation, it is often preferable for a close relative to adopt the child instead of a stranger. We know how to help different relatives successfully complete the adoption process.

Consult with a Relative & Stepparent Adoption Lawyer in Florida

Stepparent or relative adoption can be the best option for a child and a family is the parents are ready to give up the child for adoption. If you would like to learn about adoption options within your family, speak with a Florida stepparent and relative adoption attorney right away. Contact the law firm of Juliana Gaita, P.A., for more information.

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