How many of us have seen a Lifetime movie that features surrogacy and the drama that ensues? Unfortunately, there isn’t much truth about surrogacy in Hollywood or television. Rather than rely on entertainment, seeking out real information is important when considering surrogacy. We are providing you with everything you need to know about surrogacy in Florida.

What Is Traditional Surrogacy?

Traditional surrogacy is the longest-reigning type of surrogacy around the world. This is when the surrogate is impregnated with the sperm of the intended father. This was traditionally conceived in an old-fashioned way, but times have changed. Now the birth mother can be inseminated artificially. Not all states regard traditional surrogacy as legal, but it’s legal in the state of Florida. Traditional surrogacy comes with its own unique set of issues at hand and isn’t one we recommend.

What Is Gestational Surrogacy?

Gestational surrogacy is most often used and has fewer legal issues than traditional surrogacy. This is where the surrogate is implanted with a fertilized egg from the intended parents. Many couples seek this option out when pregnancy is not a viable option but eggs and sperm are healthy enough to create a child. Both parents are then linked to a baby, even though the surrogate is the one who carries and births the infant. 

Read to be a Surrogate?

Surrogacy is best when Juliana is involved. Contact us today to learn more!

What Is The Difference Between Altruistic & Commercial Surrogacy?

Altruistic surrogacy is most commonly used among close family members and friends. The surrogate does not receive compensation in the agreement. The intended parents are responsible for all medical costs associated with the pregnancy and birth.

Commercial surrogacy is the most popular option and the surrogate receives compensation on top of medical costs paid by the intended family. 

What Is Independent Surrogacy?

Independent surrogacy is something we do not recommend. In short, an independent surrogacy is without the help of a 3rd party, such as an adoption lawyer. A lot of altruistic surrogates will go this route with great intentions. There is a lot of legalities regarding surrogacy that can create headaches later on. With our help, we can assist you with all the necessary paperwork and planning that comes with any type of surrogacy. 

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