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Can an Unmarried Father Stop an Adoption?
December 5, 2019

For decades, adoptions were closed, and the identity of a birth mother was generally kept a close secret. Once a child was adopted, the birth mother might never know where the child lives, how they are doing, and whether they made the right decision. While some birth mothers still prefer a closed adoption, the number of open adoptions has significantly increased in recent years. If you decide you want an open adoption, you have options, and you should always ensure that the agreement is set out in writing.

Closed Vs. Open Adoption Agreements

Many people who aren’t aware of what happens in adoption, often think they are all closed adoptions. A closed adoption means that the birth parent has no contact with the child or parents once they leave the hospital. This was a very common practice in previous years but more people are utilizing open adoption. With open adoption, both birth parents and adopting parents set the terms on involvement with the child after birth. This has been found to be a far healthier choice for the child and the parents involved.

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Options For Open Adoption Agreements

Open adoption agreements should be highly detailed to protect the interests of the child, adoptive parents, and the birth mother. It is important to have an adoption lawyer in Florida draft your agreement.

A birth mother and adoptive parents might have different ideas of what an open adoption entails. They should decide on the specific type of communication that will occur with the birth mother, and there are many options to consider. Some agreements include the following:

  • Specified in-person visitation times between the child and birth mother
  • Setting phone times between the birth mother and the child
  • The birth mother can correspond with letters, emails, or similar communications
  • The birth mother can only communicate with the adoptive parents to exchange critical information

The terms should be clear, and all parties should feel completely comfortable with the arrangement.

Future Options Could Be Available

In general, the birth mother gives up her parental rights, and the adoptive parents have the right to decide how to raise the child. However, an open adoption agreement can include ways the birth mother can influence the child’s life, such as teaching them about her culture and traditions. Issues like this should also be clearly discussed in an adoption agreement.

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