It’s funny to me, that I often hear this fear from expectant mothers because it is also the same fear I hear from Adoptive parents.  The journey of adoption is filled with unknowns for both parties and anxiety often comes along with unchartered territories.  Although an adoptive family could change their mind it is not something that happens often, especially when they are carefully counseled and educated about the adoption process. Our waiting families are carefully screened and have home studies in which they have received adoption education.

Woman hugging adopted child

You May Be Nervous Because Of Stress

The reality is, very few adoptive parents change their minds. Many birth parents worry because they are already inundated with emotions relating to their choice. To have someone else change their minds can be a serious fear into an unknown. Rest assured that you are not the only one who has this fear and most of the time, it doesn’t happen.

But What If It Does Happen?

Sometimes it isn’t enough to know you have this fear that is common with others. We understand and our plan of action will be based on when the change has taken place in accordance with the pregnancy. If it happens early in the process, finding a new set of adoptive parents won’t be that hard. Later in the process can be a little more worrisome since we want you to take your time in finding the right people. The best part about this is that there are many parents on a waiting list so the risk lessens for you.

Our Experience Is Here For You

            We work with our expectant mothers to gather medical information and medical history so that when an adoptive family commits to you and your child they have done so in an informed way.  They are excited and even if things come up with the pregnancy and the baby they can plan accordingly. With proper prenatal care and the right medical screenings, any health issues the baby may have are not a surprise.  Our waiting families once matched with an expectant mom make a financial commitment to both mom and they are excited for the process of building their family and do not change their minds.  Adoptive parents are counseled that just as if they themselves were pregnant unexpected things can come up and will have to be dealt with. 

Don’t stress yourself out, we are here for you and can help guide you through the process of matching and meeting with adoptive parents. If you want more information on making an adoption plan and choosing adoption for your baby call or text our office 24/7 561-869-3703.

Interested In Adoption?

            As part of the matching process, if you want, you can get to know the family that you may choose and they will get to know you so that everyone feels comfortable and committed to the process.

You can call, text, or email us at any time with any questions. Call or Text: 561-869-3703 or email [email protected].  We answer our office phone 24/7.