Hi! I’m Tiffany and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a little about me and considering me to raise your child. I hope this glimpse into my life will reassure you of the loving, caring, and stable home I will provide your child.

I have known my entire life that I wanted to be a mom. I wake up and fall asleep every day with a dream of raising a child. After being diagnosed with infertility and coming to terms with never having a biological child (premature ovarian failure – my ovaries weren’t producing eggs as they should), I considered fertility treatments but as I sat in the doctor’s office listening to her tell me about picking out donors and describing how I’d have to inject myself with large amounts of hormones, the side effects of the hormones, etc. I quickly realized that was not the path I wanted follow. Subjecting myself to all of that just to be a mom didn’t feel right. After all, my dream is not to experience pregnancy (as beautiful as it is) but to become a parent. It was in this moment that I knew adoption was the right path for me.

Like others in my family, I am a teacher and have a Master’s degree in Education. As such, education is extremely important to me and I will ensure your child is given the best both inside and outside of the classroom. After many years teaching science, I now train teachers and help them improve their teaching. While I miss being in the classroom and with kids every day, I like knowing that my work is making an even bigger impact.  I also enjoy being able to work from home and the flexibility in my work schedule as I know this will allow me the to spend even more time at home with a child beyond the 4 months of leave I will get.

I may be single but I am definitely not alone. I have a strong and loving village that encompasses my life. My parents have been married for 50 years and can’t wait to become grandparents (again)! They will be very hands-on and will spoil your child just as any grandparent should. I also have 2 brothers who can’t wait to be the “World’s Best Uncle-Dads” and a sister-in-law who can’t wait for my nephew to have a playmate.

I’ve also been fortunate enough to find dear life-long friends who have been with me during all the bends in the road. These friends, both men and women, are of all ethnic back­grounds and cultures but share similar values. If you chose me to parent to your child, he/she will be surrounded by the same people that embrace, encourage, support and love me.

Thank you for considering me to become a parent for your child. I have never been more excited to take on the joys and challenges of being a parent and would be honored to share my life and world with your child, to nurture, encourage, and help them grow into a beautiful human. I wish you the best throughout your search but secretly hope your search has ended now that you’ve “met” me!

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