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Jess, Nick & Dom
September 23, 2022
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Shelby & Marc
September 7, 2022

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better while you are on, what must be, a challenging journey. Our hope for you is that you have the time and space to make a decision that feels
right for you.
Know that we are in your corner and want the best for you.
If we are chosen as your child’s adoptive parents, we will always let your child know of your unconditional love for them. We believe you are an important part of your child’s identity,and we will always respect that. Please know that if you choose us, we will cherish your child and do our best to make sure their dreams become a reality.

This is Us…

We enjoy engaging our inner chef. Rosa is the chef of the family and Charity is the baker. Thank goodness because Charity can’t cook, and Rosa can’t bake! When COVID started, and everyone was worried, we knew right away how we could help. Together we prepared dinner and dessert for many of the families in our community. Puerto Rican food is flavorful and delicious, so we decided to make roasted pork (pernil), yellow rice with pigeon peas and macaroni salad. We also added our two specialties: rolled up ham and cream cheese sandwiches in Puerto Rican bread and homemade peanut butter cookies. One of our friends expressed to us that she felt so relieved when we brought the food. She was feeling exhausted and worried about what to make for her family that night. Her response filled our hearts knowing we had truly made a difference for her on that day. Your child will learn the value of community and helping others.

One of the biggest things we have in common is our love for adventure. You can always find us exploring areas that we have not been before. For Rosa’s birthday this year, we decided to make a trip to Puerto Rico to see her family. We spend a lot of time in Puerto Rico but there are still places we have not seen. One morning we decided to venture out to find a new beach. It took almost an hour to get there, and it felt like you needed a secret map to find the place. After a lot of twists and turns of the road, we found an area where there were a lot of parked cars on the side of the road, and we had to assume this was where we were supposed to be. We still had not seen the beach and we were a little nervous at this point. We got out of the car and walked toward the sound of the ocean and right before our eyes was the most beautiful beach we had ever seen – Playa Buyé. The water was so clear, Charity ran to the water and exclaimed, “It’s so warm”! We sat with our book underneath a tree and soaked in the local music and warm sunshine.

We believe that working as a team makes us stronger. We have an equal partnership that is fueled by respect and love. Anytime one of us can’t complete a task, the other one steps in to help. In the mornings, Charity usually takes care of our dogs by taking them out for playtime and getting their breakfast ready. One weekend morning, Charity was feeling a little extra sleepy so without a second thought Rosa took the dogs on an early morning three-mile walk where they saw some neighborhood friends and had peanut butter ice-cream, specially made for pups. Bella ate her ice-cream SO FAST, who knows if she even tasted it. Blue and Bella were ready for a good rest after that fun morning and Charity’s heart was filled with thankfulness.

Thank You

Even though we have never met, we have a tremendous amount of respect for you. We can not
imagine how hard this decision might be for you, but we imagine this decision is being made with all the love in your heart.

If you choose us as your child’s adoptive parents, we promise that your baby will be loved and cherished, nurtured and guided. We promise to always read to your child and make sure they get a great education. We promise to support your child in the things they are passionate about. We promise to surround your child with love, hugs and kindness.

It is important to us to be open with your child about their roots and background. We will always honor the story of you. We look forward to staying in touch with you over the years, if you decide that is right for you. We are excited about the possibility to get to know you.

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to share our lives with you
and tell you about our dreams for the future.

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