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Courtney & Brandyn
September 23, 2022
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Sarah & Marshall
March 30, 2022

I’ve known for most of my life that I wanted to be a parent. I have loved the experiences and adventures that I have had on my own, and feel like they’ve helped me grow into a person who can provide a loving, stable, and supportive life with many opportunities for your baby.  I’m ready to share these experiences with a little one, and am hoping that through adoption I can start my family. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me.

My Life

I’ve settled in the Midwest, but have also lived on both coasts at different times in my life. I particularly love my colorful neighborhood. It’s got a diverse and accepting feel, and is filled with independent shops and small restaurants. It’s great for walking around and close to the lakefront path. I can walk to Farmers Market and baseball games, and there is a really great elementary school one block away.  I love experiencing all that the city has to offer — amazing restaurants,  fun sports, and world-class artists of all types. One of my favorites are the summer concerts in the park – the outdoor areas are another feature that make this city such a wonderful place to live and to raise a family.


My family, including aunts, uncles, and cousins, are my foundation; I know that they are always there for me. I also have wonderful friends I’ve picked up across the country that I stay connected to. I have so much fun being an “aunty” to all of the children in my life. The time I spend with all of these people are the sunshine and water that help me thrive. I hope to create that same sense of community for my child. All of these people are very supportive of my decision to adopt and so excited about the idea of another person to love.  


The feelings that I use most  to guide me are gratitude, kindness, and passion. I recognize and appreciate how fortunate I have been in life. Growing up, my parents made many sacrifices to ensure that my sister and I had opportunities that they did not have. We always knew that we were their priority, but also learned the importance of helping others from watching them.  There are so many issues that I feel passionate about, and I want my child to realize they can make a difference in society. 


I’m a doctor for people who have high risk pregnancies. I’m lucky to have a career that still feels meaningful and interesting to me after all of these years. I’ll encourage my child to find a career that they feel passionate about. My job can be intense, though, so it’s always been a priority to find ways to offset that intensity.This includes working out, making time for friends and family, traveling, exploring the restaurants or events, or sometimes just taking some down time on the couch. I want my child to know that in addition to hard work and resilience,  humor, fun, and joy are also essential to a fulfilling life.

I’ll admit that this whole process of writing about myself was a little strange, but I understand why it’s so important. You have to choose the path that your child will take, which is not an easy task. I am so happy and excited thinking about being a parent to your child, and I am so grateful to you for considering me.

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