david martha
David & Martha
February 15, 2023
heather Noal
Heather & Noal
January 30, 2023

Thank you for spending some time getting to know us. It is humbling to be considered as adoptive parents for your child. We commend you for the courage we believe you possess in pursuing this action, and imagine it comes from your love and desire to give your child the happiest life possible.  Please know that this is our goal as well. If chosen, we will provide a safe and loving space for your child and strive to help him or her fulfill all their aspirations. We hope to share with you as your child experiences their dreams. We wish you strength as you go through this process and hope you find peace as you search for the perfect family for your baby.

This is us

We love to read and spend a chunk of our time before bed each night doing so. This is a past-time that we also share with Brian’s siblings. We have an annual reading challenge with them, which is a fun way for us to stay connected and maintain some healthy sibling rivalry. We track the books on an app so you can check in anytime to see where people are with their book count. Last year, Brian was dismayed to discover that his sister won the annual challenge after reading 47 books, but upon further inspection, realized that he read more pages in total. He insisted that this year’s winner be crowned based on total pages read, rather than total books!

We love outdoor activities. We recently discovered canoeing was something our dog Theo enjoys as well (he even got his own little life-vest!). Balancing was a little challenging as we pushed off, but once we all got our “sea legs”, being on the water was so relaxing. We even found a great little island beach to stop at and swim. We were cooling down by wading in the shallow water of our secret spot- but soon realized we had invaded the home of a family of horseshoe crabs! While Theo was intrigued, we thought it best to give them space and keep him safe, so headed back out to explore some more!

Brian will be a stay-at-home dad, a role that he is quite suited for after assisting his mother with his three younger siblings. His mother was at home full-time to raise her family. He has always been grateful for that environment growing up, as he feels it provided him strong core values, and a greater sense of connection to his family. As we think about our own parenting, we both agree on the value of a full-time parent present in the home, which today has become more difficult for many families. Your child will always have a parent home to give them a valuable sense of security and connection.

Thank you

We thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about our family. We can’t imagine how much strength this decision takes and are extremely grateful for you considering us. If chosen, we would look forward to maintaining contact with you by sharing photos and updates, based on your comfort level. We would ensure that your selflessness will be shared with your child and they would know how much love you have for them. While we hope that you choose us, we hope that whatever decision you make provides you with peace and comfort as you go about this journey.

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