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Sarah & Marshall
March 30, 2022
sara walter family
Sara & Walter
May 27, 2021

Hi! Thank you so much for wanting to learn more about us! We are excited and nervous about this process but no matter the outcome, everything will work out for the best. That is actually our mantra for life and one of the many positive outlooks we share in our relationship.

Our Family

We have a wonderful, blended family. Noah, Monte’s son from his previous marriage is important in our lives even though he lives with his mother in another home. Christina understands what is like to have a blended family as she had stepparents growing up too. We are blessed that our entire family including Noah’s mom, all get along. We know all kids can never have too many people who love them. One of the things that is a big part of our lives is music- Monte is a piano and cello player. We love family concerts, especially at the holidays. Our family of cousins, nieces, nephews, uncles, and aunties, grandpas and grandmas weave into our lives through the countless holidays and weekends together, our family is the best part of our lives.

We Met Volunteering

It’s one of our favorite things to do. We believe our community is stronger when we support one another, so we’ve surrounded ourselves with friends who believe the same. Because of this, our friends have become family who we can rely on, laugh with and even cry with. They come from diverse backgrounds, wide variety of ages and life experiences that enrich our lives. We can’t go far in our community without running into someone we know, sharing a big hug and catching up with each other. It’s one of the many things we love about the community where we live.


Our niece has dubbed us “MonTina” – it makes us laugh every time we hear it. But it makes sense that our name would be smushed together like that because we’re always together. Monte just came home from a recent work trip, looked at me and said, “I had a great trip, but it’s just not the same without you.” That is us. Not silly, sugary, sweet stuff – but its more about trust, love and laughter!

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