August 11, 2020
Jessica Michael
Jessica and Michael
August 11, 2020

My Story

Hello, my name is Mary and it’s great to have this first opportunity to meet you. I’m a professor at a university and I live in sunny (and sometimes, snowy) Colorado. Here are a few other “fun facts” about me: my zodiac sign is Leo, my favorite food is pizza (but, ice cream is strong second), my favorite animal is a monkey and my favorite tv show when I was kid was The Muppet Show. I’ve been trying to learn to play the saxophone, which has been really challenging, but I practice every day, and I think I’m starting to get better! 

Maybe the most important thing to know about me is that I value kindness more than anything else. This is a value instilled in me by my parents and it is something that I also want to teach a child. I think that in a world that can be full of hardship and suffering, there is no greater action we can take than to offer love, support and generosity to others.

I CAN’T REMEMBER A TIME WHEN I DID NOT WANT TO BE A MOTHER – either playing with dolls as a child, taking care of my younger sister as a teenager, or as a foster parent as an adult. Being a mother will be the greatest experience in my life and in return I will shower a child with love, support, and guidance and help them to live the most full and interesting life possible.

While being a mother is just a dream in my heart right now, I know I will be a parent who always makes sure a child knows how loved they are. He or she will have someone cheering for them, ready to offer a hug when they are sad and a band-aid when they fall down. They will know that I am fierce when it comes to protecting them. I am going to be a single mother and what that means is that there will not be anyone in my life who is more important to me than your precious child. They will be the absolute center of my universe.

My great hope is that this is the first of many times I have the opportunity to share life experiences with you and that I will also get the opportunity to learn so much more about you. Although we are starting out as strangers to each other, I hope that my profile will help you learn more about who I am, what I value and find meaningful in life and most importantly, what your child’s life might look like with me.

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