We met in the most romantic way: online! We often joke about how a computer program set up our life together but now, in what seems like the blink of an eye, it’s been ten years. It was obvious right away that we shared the same sense of humor and dry sarcasm that made spending time together easy and fun. More importantly, however, it was the compatibility we shared both being family-oriented people who love to travel and more than anything, wanted to raise a family that helped cement our bond. We became best friends quickly and that is the part of our relationship that has guided the rest, through ups and downs. We naturally put our marriage first and we’re both lucky that it’s a choice we both continue to choose daily.

We are compatible in random ways (chocolate peanut butter ice cream!) and our easy-going personalities work well together for a happy life. Where Lindsey is happy to pretend to be interested when Doug talks about his comic books, Doug is happy to sit back and let Lindsey enjoy planning
parties for their friends and family. Where he knows history facts and the constellations, she knows Lady Gaga trivia and interior design. A perfect mix and match. I guess we can thank the computer, right?

Meet The Girls

Veronica is our rule following oldest child. She is independent and confident but is endlessly rooting for her sisters. She is our silliest girl and is always wanting to make everyone laugh…but is very sweet and loving.

Emmie is a strong-willed, independent thinker who is a wiz at puzzles and games. She loves to build things and is usually wearing her princess dress. Her hair is curly, her favorite color is yellow and if it were up to her, she’d go everywhere with her puppy stuffed animal.

Maxie is a feisty little thing. She’s a great combination of princess and tomboy. Her walk includes a skip (always!) and while our littlest by a lot, she has always been our loudest. She’s usually singing and laughing. She’s hysterical, witty and keeps us on our toes.

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