Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you and to tell you about our family. We believe this must be a very difficult time for you while you are trying to figure out the best for you and your precious baby. We hope that you are supported and loved no matter where you are in your journey, and if you select us as your child’s parents, we promise you, that we will love and nurture your child unconditionally. As you are looking through our profile, we hope that you see how much love and acceptance our family has for one another and you can be assured that our new baby will be shown that same love and life long acceptance too.

Wishing you strength, peace and many blessings.

About Us

We enjoy finding new adventures and we try to plan a trip every year to enjoy family time together. Last year we went white water rafting in Ellijay, GA with LaDonna’s daughter and Stan’s dad. We had a blast while getting very wet and LaDonna came close to falling out of the raft several times when we hit a water cap and she had to hang on tight to the side rope just to stay in the raft. She was sure ready to get back to shore and be on land when we were done. Stan’s dad enjoyed himself so much that he announced the following year that he wanted to go. 

One year we got chance to go to Ireland and we stayed in Kinnitty Castle. On our second day, we hiked behind the castle where we stayed, crossed a bridge over a babbling brook into a fairy tale forest. On our hike we also found an ancient Druidic circle and were so excited by our find, that we hiked back the to castle and researched them as to discover all we could find out about the Druids. 

We like to be creative, so one night we went to a painting class with our friends and learned how to paint a tropical scene. We had fun learning how to blend the colors to make a sunset and how to make palm trees. We had SO much fun that we booked our next class! 

Your child will have all the opportunities to engage in his/her creativity. 

Our Home

We live in a large family community. Our favorite part of our house is the patio. We had some friends over one night for dinner out on the patio, and one of our dogs decided he liked our friend’s shoe and took off with it! We chased him all over the patio trying to get the shoe away from him until he finally collapsed from exhaustion. We all were laughing at the dog’s reaction when he collapsed. 

Your child will have a large backyard for years of playing and endless fun! Our neighborhood has a great park with a playground, water park, tennis courts, dog park, and walking trails. One time, we went to a carnival at the park and Stan won LaDonna a stuffed dog when playing a balloon game. LaDonna thought it was so cute, she still has it today sitting next to their bed. 

Every year our small town has a Christmas parade that goes on for miles. One year during the parade, one of the cars broke down and halted the parade for over 30 minutes! Luckily there was plenty of candy and band music to entertain all the kids! When the car finally got started back up, everyone cheered with joy and the kids were jumping up and down! 

Thank You!

We are very grateful that you have taken the time to consider us as adoptive parents for your child. We would be forever grateful if you chose to take this journey with us and look forward to maintaining contact with you so you can see your child’s growth over the years. The gift of adoption would be the greatest blessing we could ever receive. Thank you for giving us this chance.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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