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Blake and Crystal
October 25, 2022
chris and nadege 1
Chris & Nadege
October 10, 2022

Thank you for looking into our life. Your decision is selfless and brave and we hope to show you a
glimpse Into our life to help you with this choice.

Christopher, Kim and Caden are a family of 3 that is dreaming of expanding our family. Caden is our 5-year-old biological son who would like a younger sibling and since Kim was adopted from Korea, we feel adoption is the best choice for us to become a family of 4. Kim understands the journey of adoption, and Christopher, Kim’s husband, has learned to understand the emotional support that helps foster inclusion and love in an adoptee’s life. Because of this, we feel we would be able to welcome a child not of our blood but who will grow in our hearts. An adoptee child, even with a family who will loves them no different from a biological child, will always have questions and different needs and we will be able to support, guide and love this child in the manner they need to grow up confident, loved and included. We will support and understand the importance of a connection between a child and their biological family, as that is part of their story always.

The Story of Kim and Chris:

We met November 9, 2013 when Kim lived in Naples, Florida and Chris lived in Fort Lauderdale. Chris knew he was a lucky man and they dated until Kim eventually moved to the east coast of Florida. We got engaged and eventually married on December 31, 2015. We bought a home June 2016 in a family-oriented community, a mile from an A rated school. We had Caden in February 2017, which was the most wonderful experience we could have ever imagined. We have one black long-haired cat named Kobe who is 8 and acts somewhat like a dog.

The Future

We hope, through the pictures we shared and stories of our lives you feel our home and family will
be a wonderful place for your child. We can’t imagine the emotion you are going through but we do know the love we are capable of giving to a child is unconditional and boundless. We would be grateful and full of joy to be blessed with this opportunity. You will always be part of this child’s story and we would be open and honest with this child to the level of your comfort. We want to give this child a foundation of love and help the child be a wonderful, unique and confident individual.

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