Thank you for considering me as an adoptive parent for your child. I feel it must take incredible courage and selflessness. ​​Having already started my family through adoption, I think your decision is a generous and courageous act of love. If you choose me, I promise you I will provide a home full of love for your child. In this family, your child would have a lifetime of sibling support from a sister who shares the bond of adoption. 

My daughter Ayla is biracial, and I try to honor her heritage by exposing her to biracial books, movies and a diverse group of friends. There is so much more to explore as she gets older, and it’s something I take very seriously. Similarly, your child will be raised with an understanding of their roots and culture. I will do my best to provide a life filled with diversity and I will honor your child’s history. They will always know where they came from and who they are. If you choose me, I look forward to learning about your heritage and making that a part of your child’s life, as I do Ayla’s. 

I wish you strength and I promise your child will know that your decision was made because of your unconditional love. I never got to meet Ayla’s mother, but I really hoped to. I very much would like to have whatever relationship you feel comfortable with. I look forward to honoring you by sharing the love and dreams you have for your child’s life.

Meet Ayla

I shared a room with my little sister growing up and we both have great memories of me keeping her up under the covers at night, telling her stories. I even taught her to read that way! We are super close to this day. Your child will share that same bond with Ayla and they will have an even stronger connection through the bond of adoption.

Ayla decided she loves to fish. This past Christmas my close friend Tom got Ayla her first fishing pole. They went right down to the pond to try out the new pole, but O’Bryan chased the fish away! Tom and Ayla now go fishing almost every week. Your child will grow up tremendous support system to help nurture their interests.

Our Story

Ayla & I are a family brought together by adoption. I make sure to honor Ayla’s adoption story. She knows how courageous her birth mother is, and I often read her stories about adoption and talk to her about her own adoption story. Recently I read Ayla the book “Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born”. She was fascinated to listen to a birth and adoption story and talk about how it related to her own story.

I spend lots of time outdoors. Florida has a well-deserved reputation as a paradise and I make the most of it. I am teaching Ayla all about nature and wildlife. We recently got a tent and now often sleep out in the backyard to listen to the owls at night. Last week, we heard a Great Horned Owl for the first time! We knew just what it was from our books. We were so excited!

Our family is minutes away and we get together at least once a week. Just this past weekend, we decided on Friday afternoon to go camping for the weekend. A few hours later we were having a campfire in the woods! The kids enjoyed the s’mores around the campfire! Your child will grow up surrounded by a loving family.

Thank you!

Words cannot express how thankful I am to you for considering me as the adoptive parent of your child. If you choose me, your child will know that your decision was an act of tremendous courage and unconditional love. You will always be deeply respected in my home. I am open to the idea of meeting the right man and getting married one day, but so far that hasn’t happened. For me, children will always be my priority. I am self-sufficient and am blessed to have an incredible network of family and friends that surround us with love and support.

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