Laura & Caroline
October 8, 2022
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Karen & Ivy
September 23, 2022

Thank you for letting us share a little bit of our lives with you! We are writing from our home on the east coast where we live with our hedgehog Bertie Wooster and our cat Pangur Ban. We respect the selflessness of the care that you are providing for your child, and if you choose us, we promise to honor you and to continue care for your child in a loving home. We wish for peace, health, and wisdom for you throughout this process!

Us in a Nutshell

We met online. On our first date, Elizabeth did most of the talking and she left the date feeling sure that Josh would not call her again because of something embarrassing she might have said as she sometimes does when she gets nervous. However, Josh was thoroughly smitten and called her within a couple days and we went to lunch. We were married within a year!

Both of us grew up in Christian families and value our faith. Once a month our church has a fellowship picnic in which we all hang out for the day eating, talking, and playing games. This is where we have formed some of our closest relationships. At the picnic last May, we spoke with several adoptive parents over the course of several hours. It was wonderful to get first-hand insight from people who have been through the adoption process. One of the things that was impressed upon us was giving an adopted child the space and support to meditate and reflect on their experience, allowing them to ask questions without feeling judged and giving them the opportunity to form a relationship with their birth family. We pray that you will also have many people to support you on your journey and we hope that you know we are in your corner.

We enjoy learning about and celebrating our ancestral culture, both through food and events. Josh is Scottish and Elizabeth is German, so we regularly attend Highland Games in our traditional Scottish outfits and enjoy foods such as pork and sauerkraut for New Year’s good luck (German tradition).

We desire to have children, but because of dangerous health risks that Elizabeth would experience with pregnancy, having biological children is not a viable option for us. Elizabeth grew up with three adopted cousins, and we have many friends who are adoptees and adoptive parents. Knowing and talking to family and friends who experienced adoption is really what planted the seed of adoption in our hearts. We would love to get to know you, learn about your journey, and, hopefully, walk the rest of the way with you.       

Thank You

Thank you again for learning about us, and for considering us as adoptive parents for your child. We hope that you felt a connection and that you will take a look at our full profile at the link below. If you choose us, know that we will respect you and talk about you to your child: they will know where they came from. We would love to maintain a level of connection that is comfortable for you and hope to walk alongside you and your child through this journey. We wish the best for you and your baby!

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