Our Life Together

Jennifer fell in love with Stew’s humor and optimism, while Stew was attracted to Jennifer’s determination. We realized that our strengths combined to make us a wonderful partnership, and before long, we were married and looking to build our lives together as a family.

In our free time, we like to stay active, both physically and mentally. We love hiking with our dogs and daughter, volunteering in the community, and both often take classes to learn new things. We visit Washington, DC often, to explore a museum, see a show, or enjoy a sporting event. We enjoy dancing together and have even taken dance lessons. Community is of great importance to us, and we are deeply engaged and invested in all ours has to offer.

Of course, a lot of our time is now spent with our daughter. We love watching her explore and learn, and are starting to take a more active role in teaching her as she grows. She takes daily walks around our neighborhood and we love sharing our world with her.

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer enjoys artistic activities; she loves photography and painting, and has most recently taken up pottery. We strongly believe in artistic expression and plan to set up a wall for our children to draw and paint on. Jennifer is also a very talented baker and often has delicious treats in the oven for the family to enjoy.

Meet Stew

Stew loves watching and playing sports. He plays in a softball league with college friends and also in a league with Jennifer’s father. Stew thouroughly enjoys trivia, often joining team trivia nights, and was even a winner on the game show Jeopardy! He is also licensed as a private pilot.

Meet our Daughter

We have an adorable toddler daughter, Emmanuelle (who we call Anne), who we adopted at birth. We are fortunate to have a close relationship with her birth mother, and continue to share photos and videos with her frequently. We believe that it is important to share the adoption story with our children, and share all loving hearts with them.

Our daughter enjoys running around, climbing on everything, and interacting with our dogs. We encourage her to learn by exploring and she often tries to imitate those around her, which is adorable. The whole family enjoys walks together, playing at the playground down the street, and hopping in the baby pool in our backyard.

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