Our names are Jared and Jay, our desire to bring a child into our family led us to the adoption process and we look forward to discussing an open adoption relationship. 

Our Thoughts On Adopting

We yearn for the opportunity to extend our love for each other into a young life by providing a loving, nurturing, and growth- minded home. As parents, our vision is to encourage a child to always strive to be the best version of themselves by staying true to who they are and always dreaming big.We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to learn about our journey and your potential role in it.

Our Home

We live in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. One of the many draws to our community was the amount of current growth. Consistent with our priorities, the neighborhood we chose to create a family is teeming with young and interactive families. Within the community, there are several activities to get children involved, including a water park, park district sports, and family events. We get to enjoy all four seasons ,from the beautiful summers to the winter wonderland of the Midwest. Our springs and falls contain our favorite times of the year, when the weather is best for all sorts of outdoor activities.

A short forty-five-minute drive from Chicago, our family can also enjoy the diversity and culture of one of the nation’s largest cities. Museum hopping and window shopping, we love having the opportunity to educate ourselves about other cultures while hoping to buy that new pair of shoes at Macy’s. Having a great local community with the ease of getting to Chicago makes for a perfect balance in our lives.

Thank You!

We can’t thank you enough for getting to know us and exploring our dream of adopting a child.We promise you respect and honesty always, as well as an open window into our lives, allowing you to see how cherished and protected your child is in our family.Whether you choose us or not, we thank you for giving us hope and wish you the best wherever your journey takes you.

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