Grete & Brandon

We are so excited and humbled that you would take the time to view our profile and learn about us. While the journey for us has been filled with excitement, we can only imagine the emotions you have felt along your journey. And we want to assure you that our hearts are filled with love and acceptance and we eagerly await the day that we can add to our family. 

We have a very strong network of family and friends. Within our community we have grandparents, siblings and 8 nieces and nephews, hardly a week goes by when we don’t get together.

I would sum up our relationship this way: we deeply care about each other’s happiness and we love being together. You know that adage of 1 + 1 = 3? That’s us. We can’t wait to see what 1 + 1 + 1 equals. It will be way more than 3!

Where We Live

We live in a quaint town just north of Kansas City. There are incredible views of the Kansas City skyline and the Missouri River. There are great running trails, a pool, parks and playgrounds in our neighborhood. We live less than a mile from the award-winning elementary, middle and high schools. We are both very active and our favorite activities change as the seasons change.

Where We Met!

We met in July 2016 when Grete was visiting one of her best friends Tamara in San Francisco. Grete was in town preparing to run a half marathon. The night before, they ran into some of Tamara’s co-workers, Brandon was one of them. Brandon peeked Grete’s interest immediately because of his beautiful blue eyes.

Before the night was over, Brandon asked if he could see Grete again. Her cheeky response was: “how about you meet me at the finish line tomorrow?” Well, guess what? Not only did Brandon meet her at the finish line, but he brought a rose for Grete and one for her friend!

The next day Grete flew home, disappointed that Brandon lived in a different city. But when Grete landed, she had received a text that read: “It’s Brandon, the guy from San Francisco, can I come see you in Kansas City next weekend?” Grete immediately texts back YES (in all caps, probably a bit too eager). Brandon’s visit to Kansas City was full of active plans and he got to meet a bit of Grete’s family. Fast forward a few years later and Brandon proposed on top of Keystone Mountain in Colorado! One of the things that Grete said to Brandon on their first date is that “It’s been about you since I met you”.

Our Hopes & Dreams

There are so many wishes we have for a child in our life: we want them to be kind, happy, loving and to be the person they were designed to be. Our expectations (and also our hopes) are that your child has a profound sense of who they are and why they exist so that they can love who they are and love others without reservations. We truly believe that we are stronger together as a couple than individually and we are looking forward to sharing our love with a child.

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