We recently moved from the Cleveland area where we were teaching to central Illinois to be closer to family in order to begin raising kids. We don’t have any children yet, but are very excited to be starting our family. Each of us values family greatly. We spend a lot of time with both our immediate and extended families, who are looking forward to welcoming your child into the fold.

Meet Dusty, Written by Greg

Some of the things I love most about Dusty are how close he is to his family and how dedicated he is to his work, whether it’s his professional efforts or projects at home.

I know Dusty was always close to his grandparents; I met them very early in our relationship. When he was younger, they were a major part of his life, attending every one of his high school cross country meets, and even travelling out of state to see all his college meets. I know how important they made him feel, and I know he tries to bring that same spirit into parenting.

I love to watch him with our nieces and nephews, and see how hard he works to bring them joy. He brings that same commitment to everything he does.

Meet Greg Written by Dusty

I will never forget the moment on our second date when Greg reached his hand across the table to hold my hand as we sat “nerding out” over a shared passion for teaching. Seeing the passion and care he had for his students pour out of him immediately showed the depth of his compassion and love for others; I was immediately drawn to him. “I think this is the person I’m supposed to spend the rest of my life with” I remember thinking to myself, a thought I’ve not wavered from to this day. I continue to see that same compassion exhibited by him every day whether its spending hours mulling over language to use in a recommendation letter for one of his students or staying hours after the school day to help a struggling student prepare for a difficult test.

Greg is truly a beacon of unconditional love and compassion and that is what I absolutely love the most about him.

Meet our Dog Pounce!

We share a number of other interests as well and chief among them is spoiling the third member of our house – our dog, Pounce! One of our regular weekend activities will involve some longer hikes in local parks where the three of us explore some new trails or hike some of our favorites.

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