kim and chris
Kim & Chris
October 11, 2022
courtney brandyn
Courtney & Brandyn
September 23, 2022

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We believe you are so incredibly selfless and courageous to consider adoption for your child. We are grateful that you would consider us to be on this adventure with you. Please know that we will love your child and nurture them. We admire what we feel is your strength and resolve in what must be a challenging time. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share with you who we are. We hope to go on this adventure with you and we wish you strength and peace in the coming days.

About Us

Some of our most amazing times together have happened while being active on OUTDOOR ADVENTURES. Like the time we were paddle boarding in the open water and a fast-approaching storm had us scrambling to get to shore. As we paddled around the corner of a small island, we came across hundreds of white pelicans floating on the water. As they saw us, the entire flock flew into the sunset, leaving us mesmerized. When we finally made it to shore, luckily escaping the rain, we were rewarded by gnats that decided we would make a great dinner. We frantically packed up our gear and laughed about it once in the safety of our vehicle.

WE LOVE WILDLIFE, but Chris does not particularly like critters and Nadege does not like insects. Having two cats and living out in a wooded area leads to both being found in the house at times. Chris is well trained on catch and release insect removal but relies on Nadege to do all other catch and releases. One summer evening, a thunderstorm blew in. Chris went downstairs to check on laundry when he noticed the window to the basement had been left open. As he was putting laundry in the dryer, he noticed a bird flying around smacking against the windows. He yelled for Nadege who immediately grabbed a towel, subdued the bird, and placed it outside where it flew away unharmed.

WE LOVE LEARNING ABOUT OTHER CULTURES. We always try to experience the local way of
life. One time we rented a car in Scotland specifically for the experience of driving on the ‘wrong side’ of the car and road. Chris was very nervous leading up to it. Once in the car he realized he could just imitate what the other cars were doing by following the local traffic. All was well until we got to the country roads and there was no one to follow. Luckily Nadege was there to help remind Chris what side of the road to stay on by calling out at each intersection “stay on the left”. Your child will be encouraged to experience and learn about a variety of different cultures and ways of life.

A Blessing of Gratitude

The home that we’ve made is full of kindness, laughter, and community. We promise this child will have endless opportunities and unconditional love. We promise rainbow pancakes, mud puddles followed by splashy baths, picnics, family game nights, and all the hugs in the world.

Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents, during what is likely a difficult journey. We believe your child is a gift, a gift of love and hope. WE LOOK FORWARD TO SHARING UPDATES of the adventures and experiences your child will have, as well as, what they learn, how they grow and the beautiful person that they become. We are eternally grateful to be considered.

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