About Me

I was born in Hawaii, grew up in coastal Florida, and my family eventually moved to Arizona when I was in college. My parents still live there and my brother and niece live in nearby New Mexico and we all visit frequently. My parents plan on moving back to Florida to be with me and help out after a new grandchild joins the family. I am a true lover of the tropics, and water. Hawaii and Florida are home to me.

My Work

I am a psychiatric nurse practitioner, specializing in pediatrics. I have had a long and fascinating career, which started on the Native American Reservation Lands in AZ and followed me all over the country. I typically work with very poor kids who come from abused backgrounds, many of them are in the foster care system. We try to help them stay in school, find good homes, recover from their trauma, and be safe and healthy. In the past few years I have been asked to work with adults as well, since there is a need to help as addiction becomes more and more widespread.

I love my patients and have learned a lot from them over the years. I feel grateful and honored that I can serve my country in this way and help the most vulnerable members of society, and protect them. I would love to bring a child up to appreciate humanitarian values and the importance of compassionate caring for others.

I am lucky to only work a few hours every week, from my home. This allows me to be a full time, stay at home mom.

My Hobbies

I have always loved to travel and have been all over the world. I am at the point now, where I am happy to be home every day, driving a child to lessons, outings to the beach, and the neighborhood park, but if the child was interested, when older, I would also love to show them the world and the beauty of our country and all its cultural diversity.

Volunteer Work

Volunteer work has always been important to me and currently I am a guardian ad litem, which is a court appointed advocate for children in the foster care system. In the past I have volunteered in central america, providing medical care to poor children and their families, donated several feet of my hair to make wigs for bald children, helped military veterans with their traumas, and educated children on biology topics. I have been a Red Cross volunteer since 2014.

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